With proper business structure and professional management team, HuaJun Group, which is taking innovation as the driving force, has constantly strengthened the capital, technology, talent and management capacity, and actively promoted the construction of financial service platform in order to provide guarantee for the sustainable and stable development in the future.

Fund Management Project

HuaJun Group is gathering high quality capital globally, with equity investment as the link, value investment as the concept, and value-added services as the method, to support the development of China’s tangible economy. By introducing market-oriented governance mechanism and exporting advanced management experience, it is trying to support Chinese enterprises and Chinese capital to go global, and also bring in foreign enterprises and foreign capital. Basing on the macroscopic situation and industry changes, HuaJun Group always takes "value-added services, value creation" as the core investment concept to adjust the investment strategy dynamically, and constantly leads the development of the industry. 

Insurance Project

Aiming at extending the social health and old-age security coverage, with comprehensive business channels, well-established service system and stable investment strategy, taking innovation and convenience as characteristic, Huajun Group founded Jixiang Life Insurance Company. In the future, Jixiang Life will always adhere to the core values of "self-reliance, gratitude and harmony" and make contribution to the health of people.

Factoring Project

Huajun Group takes risk management as its core and business as its orientation to provide factoring financing services for the vast number of small and medium-size enterprises, to solve the liquidity needs of enterprises in the process of development, to optimize operating funds, to reduce financing costs substantially, to explore the core value of enterprises, and to improve core competitiveness. With the mission of establishing industry standards and creating a healthy credit environment, we are committed to building a professional financial service institution integrating account receivable financing, credit evaluation and credit risk guarantee.

Financial Leasing Project

HuaJun Group has actively participated in the mixed ownership reform of central enterprises. To develop the industrial layout of intelligent manufacturing and high-end equipment, with listed companies Zhonglian Branch, Central Enterprise China Building Materials and Hongyi Investment, it has established a financial platform, which is approved as a pilot unit of Tianjin Free Trade Zone. In the future, HuaJun Group is aiming to become the most influential third-party construction machinery solution provider and service provider in China.