Complying with the trend of development, accurately grasping the pulse of the times and continuously making innovation and development, HuaJun Group injects Internet gene into traditional industries, and uses Internet thinking to plan and execute innovatively based on 5G (interconnection of all things, no delay communication) and AI (artificial intelligence, convenient, fast and efficient) technology.

Low, Small and Slow Target Detection and Countermeasure System

To solve the difficulty of finding low-speed and small-scale UAVs, collaborating with advanced research institutes, HuaJun Group provides technology-leading equipment for early warning, monitoring, interference and disposal of low-altitude and slow-speed small targets, and can formulate security strategy according to the specific policies and control requirements of civil aviation, navigation, military and public security systems. At present, the project has escorted many large-scale international conferences and diplomatic activities in China.

Guangdianhui Project

Under the changing environment of traditional media, HuaJun Group has continuously innovated and developed. Based on 5G and AI technology, mobile Internet gene is injected into traditional radio and television. The project conforms to the development of new media and new technology, uses Internet thinking to plan and execute innovatively, jointly builds radio and television transfer platform with radio and television system, and uses three certifications and four guarantees model to support the development of radio and television. It has connected Safe Kitchen with Precision Poverty Alleviation (i.e. introducing health and safety certification, media credibility certification and traceability search certification based on block chain technology), and established a national cross-border platform through the authoritative public trust double certification (i.e. "ministries + television stations") + O2O (i.e. "online camp flagship experience store + e-commerce platform"). Basing on Jilin Province, a green, poverty-alleviation and safe original ecological agricultural and sideline products platform is built to send original ecological food to millions of households. In addition, while resolving food safety, the project supports the development of poor areas by connecting safe kitchens with poverty alleviation.